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Laser Eye

Laser Eye

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and directly affect the quality of life. It takes a great sensitivity and care to protect and maintain eye health. However, the quality of vision may deteriorate because of some genetic transfers or health problems. There are numerous methods for repairing vision impairment problems that have been developed with the help of technology. One of these is known as Laser Eye.

What is Laser Eye Treatment?

Laser eye is a method which is carried out through excimer laser device and treats the vision problems. It has long been preferred by patients and is a safe technique.

Who is a candidate for Laser Eye Treatment?

Most individuals with refractive corneal impairments, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, can benefit from laser eye. This treatment approach is appropriate for patients over the age of 18 whose eye degree has slowed or ceased increasing.

How to apply Laser Eye Treatment?

Patients with eye disorders are first given the relevant tests. If the cornea is acceptable for surgery, the laser eye treatment process begins after these tests are finished.

How long does Laser Eye Treatment take?

It is a quick procedure that just takes 5-10 minutes. The patient is immediately dismissed and is called for control the following day. The next control will be one month later.

Is there any pain in Laser Eye Treatment?

Watering, stinging, and minor pain in the eyes may occur immediately following surgery. However, with the solutions provided, this problem is resolved quickly.

Does the eye’s degree grow back after Laser Eye Treatment?

The eye structure is crucial. A thorough eye scan should be performed by the doctor. If the degree of the eye does not grow after a health study and it is suitable for surgery, the operation is performed. And there will be no expansion. Otherwise, the procedure should be postponed.

How can I get Laser Eye Treatment?

If you want to fix your eyes and get Laser Eye Treatment, you can now get in touch with us!

We can begin the procedure by contacting our contracted hospitals on your behalf.

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