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Intraocular Lens Treatment

Intraocular Lens Treatment

Smart lens treatment is an effective treatment option for persons over the age of 40 who have vision difficulties. It is performed on individuals who have far-, near-, and medium-distance vision issues but are not candidates for laser treatment. Patients with cataracts can benefit from it as an alternate therapy.

People with eye focus issues typically use this procedure, which improves their quality of life by resolving the problem.

Who is a candidate for Intraocular Lens treatment?

Patients with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism who cannot receive laser treatment can seek care using this procedure. It is also a good option for cataract patients and those who don’t prefer glasses or contact lenses. People under the age of 35–40 who cannot undergo laser surgery or other procedures can give the smart lens therapy approach a try.

How to perform Intraocular Lens Treatment ? 

The doctor examines the eye structure, and if the patient is a good candidate for smart lens treatment, she or he is taken into the operation. The procedure does not involve anesthesia. Drops are used to numb the eye. After that,  the appropriate smart lenses are inserted in the eye socket and the eye is patched.

The Smart Lens Treatment is applied separately to each eye a few days apart. After surgery, the patient is immediately discharged.

There are different Intraocular Lenses Used? 

Individually designed smart lenses are available. Smart lenses are made and applied to the eye according to the results of the examination. Depending on the eye structure, multiple smart lenses can also be offered. Which are:

Monofocal lenses enabling vision correction at one distance only.

Bifocal lenses enabling near- and far-sighted vision treatment.

Multifocal intraocular lenses, or multifocal lenses, enabling near, distant, and intermediate vision correction. Multifocal or trifocal lenses are what are referred to as smart lenses.

How long does the Intraocular Lens Operation take? 

Smart Lens Operation takes 10-15 minutes and each eye is treated separately a few days apart.

Would Smart Lense immediately correct my vision?

Yes. We carry out final check-ups one day after the surgery and out patients will be able to regain their vision on the same day as desired.

Are Smart Lenses permanent? 

If the patient’s eye is eligible for the application of a smart lens, the treatment will be permanent. The key factor here is to perform the medical eye examination with great diligence.

Is Smart Lens Surgery suitable for cataract patients?

Yes. Patients with cataracts are now also using the Smart Lens treatment. It is done by using smart lenses in place of natural lenses that have lost their transparency. After the procedure is over, the patient resumes living a regular life with improved quality.

What to consider after Smart Lens Surgery? 

The patient must adhere strictly to the doctor’s directions. Avoid sleeping face down and being in contact with water during the first week. Following surgery, the patient should be given the highest level of protection and undergo a full set of medical exams.

What are the benefits of Smart Lens Treatment? 

- It is a painless operation.

- It takes 10 minutes and has a fast recovery process. There is no need of hospitalization.

- Smart lenses have a structure that can be used for a lifetime.

- It solves more than one focus problem at once. 

- It improves the quality of vision considerably.

What to do to get Smart Lens Treatment? 

If you want to use the technologically advanced and sophisticated Smart Lens Treatment to treat your eye issues, you can get in touch with us now!