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Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetic Surgery 

There can be wrinkles that need to be reduced, congenital flaws, accidental scars, or different deformities in the facial region. As long as the state of the structure is adequate, improvements can be made in these areas with the aid of cutting-edge technology and resources. Facial Surgeries are categorized under the following 9 headings:

1-Jaw Aesthetic

A large, small, or incompatible chin with the face is a significant problem that detracts from a person’s ideal appearance. If it is believed that the jaw structure does not match the face and self-confidence issues result from this mismatch, all of these problems can be eliminated with the use of numerous procedures.

Why is Jaw Aesthetic done? 

For example, a petite chin and chin tip, a pointed and prominent chin tip, or a chin that leans back or forward are all desirable in terms of jaw aesthetics.

How is Jaw Aesthetic administered? 

A doctor thoroughly examines the patient first. A strategy is devised based on the precise diagnosis of the jaw’s incompatibility with the face. The patient’s information is used to determine the new jaw model. There are two different surgical procedures used: chin filing and chin tip aesthetics. Additionally, filling is used in situations where surgery is not necessary. According to the intended jaw structure, filler is administered to the places that have been determined. The doctor decides which of these methods to apply after taking the patient’s structural appropriateness into account.

The procedure is then started. Anesthesia is used during the procedure, either local or general.

How long does it take Jaw Aesthetic to heal? 

It is essential that you rest following your jaw aesthetic. There can be swelling and bruises right after surgery, but these go away with time. After 3–4 weeks, recovery happens. Drug therapies prescribed by a doctor are also efficient. All directions must be carried out exactly.

How long does Jaw Aesthetic Surgery last??

Although it varies depending on the application that is used, it approximately takes 1-1,5 hours.  

2-Brow Lift

People’s facial expressions and looks are influenced by their brows. The eyebrow structure that is incompatible with the face is changed through eyebrow lifting surgery, and the desired face and eye beauty are revealed.

How is Brow Lift Operation administered? 

The patient’s general health is examined first. As much as the brow’s structure will allow, the procedure is developed based on patient complaints and preferences. This procedure, which is also known as a Temporal Lift, is carried out through the brow’s hairy region. Incision scars won’t be visible as a result.

Incisions are opened to perform the desired intervention, and subsequently they are closed.

Although general anesthesia may also be requested, local anesthesia is typically utilized during the operation.

How long does the Brow Lift Operation last?

Depending on the condition, the procedure can take anywhere between 1 and 1,5 hours to complete.

Will there be any marks after Brow Lift Surgery? 

The marks will be minimal with the technique to be used. The sutures will be hidden inside the hair line.

Will there be any sagging after Brow Lift Surgery? 

Eyebrow surgery is a long-lasting and healthy procedure. Minor changes are expected with the effects of gravity and aging over many years, but these changes will be minimized beforehand thanks to the procedure.

3-Eyelid Surgery 

Eyelid surgery is an operation applied to repair saggy eyelids and remove excessive skin, muscle and fat.

In which conditions Eyelid Surgery is administered? 

As a result of advanced ages, genetic effects or diseases, the problems below may occur:

- An excessive buildup of skin on the upper eyelids,

- The presence of skin on the upper eyelid that affects vision,

- Puffy eyelids on the top,

- Excessive skin and fine  “crepe paper” type lower eyelid wrinkles, 

- Bags under the eyes and black circles

- Unacceptable eyelid roughness that prevents makeup.

Eyelid Surgery is carried out as an answer to these problems.

How is Eyelid Surgery administered? 

Firstly, the doctor creates a plan and the patient is informed.

In this surgery to be performed for the upper and lower eyelids, both eyes can be intervened or operated individually. No scars are left in the surgical area because incisions are made using natural folds. Excess skin and fat are removed from these incisions, the muscles are intervened and the eyelid is smoothed at the desired level. After this intervention on the tissues, delicate sutures are placed and the process is finalized.

How long does Eyelid Surgery last? 

Even though it varies depending on the operational conditions, it generally takes half an hour to one and a half hour to complete it. 

How long does recovery take after eyelid surgery? 

Recovery after eyelid surgery typically takes two weeks. In actuality, there is no hospital stay following the procedure, and the patient is released right away. Within two weeks, the swellings and bruising also go down.

Does Eyelid Surgery leave marks on the face? 

After 6 months after the eyelid surgery marks disappear slowly and the incisions that are in the natural folds are not visible anyway.

4-Face Lift

Face Lift surgery is performed to tighten saggy and loose skin areas of the face and is done to anyone who wants to have firm, tight skin. After this procedure, the patients’ faces show a noticeable renewal and liveliness. This procedure involves treatments to the face and neck area and is primarily suited to adults between the ages of 40 and 65.

How is Face Lift Operation administered? 

First doctors analyze the face of the patient in detail. The areas that are going to be intervened are determined and the patient is informed. After planning all stages with the patient’s opinion, the operation process is started. 

Facelift surgery is grouped under 3 different headings:

Facelift after weight loss: 

There may be sagging skin and fat in the face and neck area after excessive weight loss. These skin and fat are removed by a facelift procedure, if the patient’s health condition is examined and suitable for surgery. The important point here is the body health index. It is a process that is done by calculating the weight that can be taken later.[MOU1]  In addition, the reason for losing weight for this procedure is also important. If it is a health problem that causes weight loss, the procedure to be followed is planned accordingly.

Mini face lift:

These are small interventions to reduce mild to moderate jowl and neck drooping. It is carried out with fewer incisions than a conventional facelift. With the help of this operation, the appearance of old and worn-out skin is eliminated, revealing younger-looking skin.

Lower face lift:

It is a surgical operation applied to the problem areas in the lower part of the face such as deep wrinkles, drooping jowl, excess skin along the neck and chin.

Will there be any scars after Face Lift surgery?

Interventions are applied to the natural folds and operation is proceeded with minimum marks. 

How long Face Lift Operation last? 

Although it varies depending on the application that is used, it approximately takes 3-5 hours. 

When is the best time for Face Lift Surgery? 

In order to protect from the negative effects of the Sun, the best time for surgery is the winter months.

How long after Face Lift Surgery can make-up be applied? 

Make-up can be applied 2 weeks after the operation is completed. As each patient has unique healing process, doctor’s suggestions must be followed.

5-Face Fat Injection 

Facial aging and deformities may occur due to aging, time, accident or genetic factors. People who want to get rid of this situation apply to facial aesthetics. One of these aesthetic types is fat injection to the face. It is a completely natural way.

How Fat Injection is is applied to the face?

Fats taken from different parts of the body are injected into the face with a needle in order to eliminate unwanted deformities in the face area. In this way, the face becomes young and alive.

In which areas is Fat Injection applied to the face?  

Fat injections can be made under the eyes, cheeks, lips and chin.

Will there be any marks on the face after the Fat Injection? 

As this operation is performed with a needle, there won’t be any marks on the face. 

Is Face Fat Injection permanent? 

Face Fat Injection, which is a natural application, has long lasting and permanent effects.  

6-Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

One of the most popular aesthetic procedures is nose surgery, often known as rhinoplasty. It is performed because of inherited or unintentional abnormalities. An intervention is planned in accordance with the patient’s face’s best-fitting nose structure.

What is the ideal nose like

A doctor’s evaluation of the nose’s proportion to the face will establish the optimal nose structure. Every patient receives a unique and ideal nose. As a result, it is a very personalized surgery. It is a form of surgery used both for functional purposes and aesthetic ones.

In which cases should Nose Surgery be applied?

– If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, 

– If the nose structure is not suitable for the face, 

– If it causes respiratory problems, 

– If it has excessive curves and size, 

– If there was an accident, 

– If there are congenital deformities, rhinoplasty can be performed for ideal living standards. 

What are the stages of Nose Surgery? 

First, a detailed examination is made by the doctor, and a nose model is created depending on the patient’s wishes and expectations. If the created model also meets the patient’s requests, the operation phase is started.

When does Nose Surgery heal? 

It is forbidden to wear glasses, do sports and sunbathe for 2 months after surgery. After 2 months, it is gradually returned to normal life.

When can a person get her/his desired nose shape?

At the end of 6 months, the desired shape begins to appear, but at the end of 1 year, the main result is achieved.

Will there be any pain after Nose Surgery? 

There may be mild pain after Nose Surgery. This pain is eliminated with the help of drugs, which are prescribed by the doctor. Bruises and swelling also disappear over time. 

In which season should Rhinoplasty be applied? 

Rhinoplasty is performed at any time of year. Nose Surgery can be applied when you are ready.

7-Ear Aesthetics

Plastic surgery is used to make the ears look more in tune with the face. It is a technique used specifically for large, distant ears. Anyone who wants this procedure and is unhappy with the way their ears look is eligible.

How is Ear Aesthetic Operation administered? 

A physical examination is conducted by the plastic surgeon first. Based on the patient’s desires and examinations, a strategy is developed. Surgery is undertaken following a decision made together. Through the incisions made behind the ear, surgery is performed. Here, the required intervention is carried out, and the stitches are closed to prevent scarring.

How long Ear Aesthetic Operation last? 

Although it varies depending on the type of intervention, it generally takes 1,5-2 hours. 

When will recovery occur following the operation?

There is a fast and effective healing period. It is necessary to care good care of the area for about 1 month and should follow the doctor’s instructions. 

Does the operation interfere with hearing? 

Hearing is not harmed because the procedure is performed on the outer ear.

8-Bichectomy – Cheek Aesthetic

Plastic surgery called cheek aesthetics, commonly referred to as Hollywood cheek, is done on those who desire to have a perfect and attractive facial appearance. This cosmetic surgery, often referred to as a bichectomy in the literature, is a risk-free technique that has recently gained popularity.

How is it administered? 

The doctor thoroughly examines the patient before performing cheek aesthetics. In this manner, the patient’s preferences are taken into consideration when determining the route. And this route is followed to perform the surgical procedure.

After general or local anesthesia is applied, small incisions are made in the mouth. By entering through these incisions, the desired amount of fat is taken. It is then closed by suturing. This surgery, which is performed with maximum efficiency, is painless.

How long does recovery take after Cheek Aesthetics?

The first week is crucial. By the end of the week, the stitches are gone, and healing has begun. It’s crucial to use caution when it comes to your eating and drinking routines throughout this time.

Is Cheek Aesthetics risky? 

The risk is essentially nonexistent with the evolving technology. This procedure, which will be carried out by a doctor with specialized training, is finished with the least amount of risk.

Is there an age limit in Cheek Aesthetics? 

It is most commonly applied on people between the ages of 20 and 25.

Will there be any marks after surgery? 

Since this treatment is done in the mouth, there won’t be any visible marks.

9-Neck Lift

Aging, excessive weight gain, and unwanted drooping can all develop over time in the neck region. To get rid of this drooping, neck lift procedures are frequently used. This results in a neck structure that is younger and more vibrant. This procedure can be carried out either alone or along with a facelift.

How is Neck Lift administered? 

First, the doctor performs a general health scan. This scan is important both for anesthesia and for the treatment to be followed. If the patient’s health condition is suitable for the procedure as a result of the scan, the operation stage begins. For the procedure to be performed under general anesthesia, an incision that extends to the earlobe and passes behind the ear is made. In this way, the skin of the face and neck is released and the soft tissues of the face, showing the mimic muscles, are hung upwards together with the sutures. The excess skin is removed and sutured to the incision in front of and behind the ear. The jowl located under the chin is also removed with this surgery and the strips are placed perpendicular to the neck area. 

The surgery is completed after all the interventions are done with great care. Then, the patient is taken into the recovery process.

How long does Neck Lift Surgery last? 

The procedure may take approximately 5-7 hours because it’s a delicate operation that involves the face.

What is the recovery like after Neck Lift Operation? 

Bandages and stitches are removed a week after. Contact with water is not advised during this time. The scars start to heal after about two weeks. However, the patient should exercise caution for at least a month and should refrain from heavy operations. The doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed throughout this process. After 3–4 days, daily life can return to normal.

When will the desired appearance be achieved after neck lift surgery?

After approximately 6 months, full recovery takes place and the desired image begins to settle gradually.

What should I do to have Facial Aesthetic?  

You can get in touch with us right away using the method that suits you best if you want to revitalize your face and get rid of any deformities.