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About Us

About Us

Cura Medical Center is a Health Tourism Agency and provides health services under special agreement with the best service clinics in the region.

Cura Medical Center is a medical facilitation company for Obesity, Aesthetics, Eye, Dental, Hair Transplant and Substance Abuse Treatments. Our goal is to connect clients with the best doctors, clinics, and hospitals. We are proud to provide tailor-made quality health service packages to our patients with an excellent level of service and attention to detail. We maintain strict guidelines and protocols to make sure everything is performed to its highest standards. Our prestigious facilities are located in Antalya, one of the world’s top tourist destinations with a sunny climate. While we take care of your health, you can indulge yourself in harmony of the sea, sun, history and nature.

Cura Medical Center is entitled to operate in the field of International Health Tourism within the scope of the Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist's Health, in accordance with the Requirements for International Health Tourism Facilitator Institutions  and the general principles of the Regulation. 

"All Treatments are provided by our contracted Health Services with International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate. It is carried out in institutions. "